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Estate Planning
Estate Planning
Having a proper discussion with wills and trust attorneys can ensure that your hard work and financial legacy live on long after you're gone, and your loved ones receive the wealth they deserve.
When a person dies without a will or trust and they own real estate and/or have more than $184,500. in assets, their estate is subject to probate in order to determine who are the rightful heirs to that estate. Our attorneys are experienced with probate matters and will expedite the process through the court system.
Wills & Trusts
Wills and Trusts
Our attorneys will guide you in making a plan with your unique individual instructions for who will inherit from you and who will manage and settle your affairs when you die. If you don't put your plan in writing through a will or trust, your estate must go through the expensive process of probate where the court will make the decision on who will inherit your estate.
Trust Administration
When someone dies with a trust, the trustee who is appointed frequently has a long list of questions. Our experienced attorneys will guide the trustee through the process and can assist with any matters associated with collecting the assets all the way through to distribution.
Trust Administration
Comprehensive Estate Planning
Dynasty Planning
Comprehensive estate planning involves thinking ahead and making plans for all of your assets and debts so that your affairs can be handled easily. These documents are an excellent starting point for making sure your family and loved ones receive your assets as smoothly as possible.
Pet Trusts
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Pet trust

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