If you're starting to think about estate planning, you've likely seen do-it-yourself guides that contain the basics of creating wills and other estate planning documents. However, hiring an Orange County estate planning attorney has several benefits that should be considered as you begin your estate planning journey.

Law firms can provide much-needed guidance through the complex world of estate and probate law. DIY kits and guides may have the basics, but they don't have adequate information for most people's needs. In fact, creating an estate plan without legal guidance can lead to unforeseen issues and unexpected costs.

Professional estate planning services will result in a smooth transfer of assets to beneficiaries without the hassle and frustration of probate court.

Why is Estate Planning Worth Every Cent?

Estate planning is all about protecting your family and planning for the future. Effective planning is essential for anyone who hopes to support their beneficiaries after their death.

An estate plan is more than just a set of legal documents. The benefits lie in what those documents will do for your family and yourself. They allow you to outline your medical decisions, assign a durable power of attorney, and more.

If you use ineffective estate planning tools, your documents could end up useless. When it comes to financial planning, you need personalized advice from someone with knowledge about the process.

An Orange County estate planning attorney can even help with complex concerns like business succession planning. Asset protection is another common concern, and attorneys have ways to keep major assets like houses and savings accounts safe.

At our law firm, we strive to build a strong attorney-client relationship with every customer, since we find this provides the best results.

Reasons Estate Planning with a Professional Can Make a Difference

Working with a licensed estate planning lawyer can make a huge difference in the quality of your estate plan. Though it may seem like a hassle to find and hire a lawyer, having a job done right will put your mind at ease and ensure your loved ones benefit from your assets as much as possible.

The low cost of using a template to create your estate plan may seem cheaper than hiring a lawyer, but working with an experienced lawyer can help you save money on estate taxes and other hidden costs for your mistakes and unknown errors. An experienced lawyer can also inform you about options you may be unaware of that will fit your estate planning needs perfectly.

Estate planning lawyers have years of legal experience to draw upon, and they can answer important questions you have about property taxes and how to avoid probate.


Creating an estate plan using DIY guides and templates can be difficult for a layperson. Without a legal background, it's difficult to be objective about your needs and the best solutions to any concerns you may have.

Experienced attorneys have extensive knowledge of local law, and they have also worked with many other clients

Can I Do My Own Estate Planning?

Estate planning is a complicated task. DIY options can explain the basics to you and even provide tips and suggestions, but they cannot replace the knowledge of someone with a law degree.

Your guide won't have all the answers on trust administration for minor children or how to communicate your final wishes. Most of them cover wills and advance health care directive paperwork, but they frequently will not include all the ancillary documents that you may need.

If your current estate plan isn't vetted by a legal professional, we recommend making an appointment for legal services as soon as possible.

The Size of Your Estate

The estate planning process is easiest for small estates with no unusual circumstances involved. DIY templates and guides cater to people with few estate concerns. These templates aren't equipped to handle more complicated situations, such as large estates that may or may not be subject to estate taxes.

For high-net-worth individuals, it is worth the investment to protect your estate with an experienced attorney. Valuable estates can be quite complicated, and a free or cheap planning guide won't be sufficient for keeping your assets safe.

A trust lawyer can help you set up and manage a revocable living trust, family trust, or other tools. Using a revocable trust is a great way to keep family wealth safe and even allow you to control how it is distributed to beneficiaries.

If you have a large estate, it's important to invest in legal advice to prevent problems and legal fees later down the line.

The Legal Consequences

Before you choose to handle your estate plan on your own, it's important to consider the legal risks.

If your estate plan isn't valid, your estate may be sent to probate court instead. When that happens, a probate judge gets the final say on how your estate is distributed among your family members.

Estate laws vary from state to state, and you could end up with a DIY plan that doesn't apply in California. This is why it's so important to obtain local legal services. We have spent years serving Orange County, from Huntington Beach to Santa Ana, and our team provides regionally-specific advice and planning.

When you hire a wills and estate planning attorney near me, you'll get a clear, reliable explanation of what is included in your estate plan and how it will benefit your family.

Do It Yourself Estate Planning Cost

Though DIY estate planning has a low immediate cost, an ineffective estate plan can end up costing more in the long run.

If your estate plans are deemed invalid, your beneficiaries may have to pay for a probate attorney and other legal fees. Instead of being able to mourn and settle your affairs in peace, they will need to face a frustrating legal process and pay for probate lawyers.

Getting your estate plans done correctly in the first place will save you time, money, and energy. An estate planning lawyer will provide the advice you need and handle all of your concerns. Your attorney can help you make smart financial decisions that will benefit you and your family.

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